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Wipe your feet on the welcome mat

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I’ve decided to make a personal blog/page about me and have this site also serve as a portfolio/CV for my future. I aim to actively blog and post ideas, delusions, rants, dreams and knowledge on this site. I’m mainly a creative person, so expect many music posts! I really love music.

I’ve had a blog on Blogger. but I wanted more freedom and something more professional. You can go and read there about my previous posts – if you like. Just, when you come back please wipe your feet on the welcome mat, because I aim to really improve my writing and leave that mess behind. Not that it was bad; I know I can do better. Also this site will improve tremendously (theme change!) in the upcoming week or two as I work out the widgets and find the useful tools among the woodwork.

Oh and while you are here, add me on Twitter. @nieldlr



Update: I’ve uploaded my old blog’s posts. So enjoy them here if you like. Now to categorize and tag them all. Also, uploaded this great theme!

2009! Oh yeah!

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Hey peeps,

what is up in heezy?
Ok, rather lame.

I’m about half a month late, but I would to congratulate you all on a awesome new year. 2009 I feel is going to be epic. I aim to write a lot more about music, poker, language and experiences.

I joined a LexiBlog: a blog about languages and world cultures. I just finished my first post there. I’ll be writing there sporadically on my language adventures.
I also recently started jamming online poker and have been finding it most fun. I’m playing on Piggs Peak Poker mostly and yesterday I’ve finally doubled my bankroll. It’s a great feeling and I hope I can stay consistent. I feel there’s a lot more to study on poker.

Also, I must sadly say that I’m not going to play RAMFEST anymore as Sparkyboy. Other obligations arose that I had to take priority to. However, I’m fast at work on a new EP which will be released very soon and I’ve been working on a Muse 8-bit collaboration! That will be out soon as well.

Also, congrats to Heath Ledger for winning the Golden Globe.


A neglected blog…

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When I started this blog, I set out to be active in this blogging endeavour, but alas like most blog missions, it fails after a few posts.

However, I now aim to pick it up and at least try to post two blog posts a week. After reading Luca Vincenzo’s awesome blog about the South African Music scene:

I realized, shit son, I’m wasting my valuable musical interest by letting it rot in my brain, but now that rotting knowledge will spew forth into a new brain zombie. Let it run free my friend.

Peace Out,

A Penny for my Thoughts!

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I slowly drop a penny into the blog vending machine. I hear it clink and clank down the tubes of the Internet. I press Accept and out comes my life.

“Enjoy it,” it said.

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