Last night we chilled at the park again. Always so nice. I wish Stellenbosch had a nice big lawn somewhere where you can bring a beer and just chill on hot summer nights.

This morning I met Jenny outside the res, and missioned with her back to Zhongguancun’s International Comic City, which has this one floor with just nerd/anime culture items! She and I agreed it’s every nerd’s wet dream. We bought many awesome stuff for friends and if it wasn’t for the money I would’ve bought the whole floor. Jenny missioned to meet a Chinese friend so I decided to visit a nearby arcade. I jammed some cool rhythm games and then left for the Bird’s Nest.

The Olympic Stadium’s and the whole area there is really impressive. I went into the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest. It was actually¬†cheap on a student discount, but somehow I was underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong the places are impressive, but I expected more of the place. I guess it would’ve been different if you were there during the Olympics. It, however, was cool to see everything and sort of envision the opening ceremony going on.

Tonight, we’re going for munchies with our South African teacher and then perhaps going out afterwards!