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Hello y’all!

I’ve been writing for some new sites and old sites again. Me and my twin brother have started a group blog Here we post about popular culture, but with a twist on it. It’s not been updated for a week or two and I apologizefor it. We’ll pick it up again soon.

I’ve also written a new blogpost at Leximo‘s blog. Read the post here. It’s about a Chinese woman that made me realize South Africa again.

Peace out,


P.S. – Also check out for a new 5 Things Game Have Taught Me article on Nerdmag soon!

Gmail haunts handicapped people

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Someone just pointed this out to me:

Create a new account for Gmail. (Yes, that unfortunately means logging out of your current Gmail. Gasp!) And when you get to the Captcha field press the button for the handicapped spot. Listen to that sound. It’s sound so creepy! How in the hell can anyone understand anything what is being said?

It reminds me of the drilling into hell video from Youtube. [Dislclaimer: Don't listen to this if you're easily scared!]

I bet Google has some subliminal messaging in there somewhere!

Spam Update

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After posting a blog about a ridiculous spam e-mail I got, Nic from FluffyPinkThing suggested I give the spammer a run. I decided to go ahead. Alas, it did not go very far, but I like to believe that the spammer laughed a little bit. After the first e-mail I replied:

Dear Peter Mpenza,
Sorry that I’m replying now. I was in a very strong financial position just a few weeks ago, but I just got laid off my job. I’m desperate for money right now. Never thought the recession would hit me. It’s just so unreal. Like a pig flying with a medievil sword ready to impale me once I go outside. Or Gollum stabbing me in the back. I need my Samwise Gamgee! Will you be my Samwise Gamgee?
What must I do claim that generous amount of premium? Cause I really have to buy myself a new car, since I had to sell my Bentley. I’m looking for a Rolls this time. Help me please!
Yours truly,
Harry Granger
Mr. Peter Mpenza then responded with a copy paste reply. He asked that I should trust him and that we should meet in person to close the deal. He also said:
I do not believe in theories,  I believe in practical, therefore your physical presence will be very important  to assure you that I am a man of impeccable character. If this goes well with you, I will need you to furnish me with this below information for us to forge ahead.

1.       Your full names.
2.       Your billing address.
3.       Your  telephone numbers
4.        And your profession.

Being a reluctant rich jobless man I replied:
Dear Peter Mpenza,
Sorry, but I do not believe in the practical. I believe in theories – but not any kind of theory, but conspiracy theories. I believe that the world will end in 2012. I believe that Bush is part of a lizard clan who lives underneath the Earth. I believe that the recent Chinese Earthquake in Sichuan was created by a huge weather control system. I believe that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father and I believe in the saviour of mankind – The One, Neo.
However, I can add that I believe you. My witch doctor has told me that someone will come forth and save me from my current predicament. However, he said I should be weary of chance takers and before I can assure the true depth of “man” I must see his face, for a face never lies. I did Navy work when I was a kid and they taught me that one can look into a man’s eye and know if he is a liar. Best life lesson I got at the tender age of 7.
So, please before we go any further with this transaction, I know I’m desperate, but I need to see your face. Can you please send me a picture of yourself? Any picture will do.
And see it as a double whammy. When I meet you we can recognize each other and not use codenames or phrases like, “Delirious owl is stalking the prey” and you would then answer, “The amorous badger has left the honey.”
That is just embarrasing.
Thanks for the cooperation,
Harry Granger
However, Peter Mpenza did not reply. Either 1) Peter saw through my mockery, 2) he scams so many people that he doesn’t have time for a chancer, 3) he is ugly and doesn’t want to send a pic or 4) my reply got caught by his spam filter.

First Nerdicle: 5 Things Games Have Taught Me

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I’m now currrently doing some guest posts at NerdMag and I’ve just posted my first article there: 5 Things Games Have Taught Me: Super Mario Bros.

Video games is a great to while away the time, but sometimes parents yap at you for not going outside and games that teach nothing but violence, but I protest. Games teaches me many things!

Hopefully I’ll try and keep it a regular feature there. Hope you enjoy the article.

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