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Muse: An 8 Bit Tribute

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This here is an awesome compilation that celebrates Muse for being the best band ever. Made only with vintage console hardware, this takes Muse to the level they never gone before. Enjoy!
Download: here

P.S. – I made the artwork as well.

Huis Fransie Grass Rock: New Holland, Ben-Nevis

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Yesterday, I wentwith a few pals to attend the Tygerberg kampus rock gig. My intentions was to go say hi to all my medical buddies and then to check out New Holland. I’ve never seen them gig before so I was keen to see how they shape up.

The venue was rather epic. It was in front of a big classroom hall/building and the stage was the steps up the building. With the lighting and light breeze coming through just added to feeling of awe. I like taking in the atmosphere at gigs.

The gig opened with few local girls singing cover songs, which was pretty brave and good! Then A-Span came on. They are a acoustic guitar duo similiar to Lukraaketaar. Both of them are still in highschool, Ben and Renier. They opened with an amazing instrumental acoustic tune that blew my mind. However, when they began to sing, it lost the effect. The vocals is not bad, just needs a bit more work. The lyrics however was very good. I don’t often listen lyrics intently, but that was good.

Then Ben-Nevis came on. I am overly critical with new bands, maybe because I’m self a musician and that “competition” mindset comes into play. “I’m better than these guys” – and gals. However, they have potential. Their riffs are funky and they gel very well together as a group and for mere highschool kids they are very professional. I love the textures of the guitar, however that nagging de ja vu feeling kept coming back. The lead vocalist sounds just like Francois van Coke. I hate drawing parallels, because sometimes they are mere coincidences, but the similarity is to close to chalk to mere coincidence.

The final band to put on our party shoes was New Holland. I thoroughly enjoyed their set. They are extremely tight as a band and their sound are really of international caliber. However they are not there yet. I’m interested in hearing new material, because for now their music is catchy and good, but it still needs that edge, something that sets them apart from other bands. What I like about New Holland is their stage presence. They are smiling and enjoying themselves and that’s what matters to me. The bassist is constantly with a smile and bounces his away around the stage. I would’ve like the frontman’s vocals to be a bit more louder though. I’m eager to see them again, to see how they fair with a bigger crowd, I guess the energy could be even more contagious!

2009! Oh yeah!

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Hey peeps,

what is up in heezy?
Ok, rather lame.

I’m about half a month late, but I would to congratulate you all on a awesome new year. 2009 I feel is going to be epic. I aim to write a lot more about music, poker, language and experiences.

I joined a LexiBlog: a blog about languages and world cultures. I just finished my first post there. I’ll be writing there sporadically on my language adventures.
I also recently started jamming online poker and have been finding it most fun. I’m playing on Piggs Peak Poker mostly and yesterday I’ve finally doubled my bankroll. It’s a great feeling and I hope I can stay consistent. I feel there’s a lot more to study on poker.

Also, I must sadly say that I’m not going to play RAMFEST anymore as Sparkyboy. Other obligations arose that I had to take priority to. However, I’m fast at work on a new EP which will be released very soon and I’ve been working on a Muse 8-bit collaboration! That will be out soon as well.

Also, congrats to Heath Ledger for winning the Golden Globe.


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