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Siren’s Eye

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Ok, I confess. I am a big fan of the series Greek. Every character is lovable and the stories are oh so juicy soap-ish. Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) is one of my favourite characters. He kind of reminds me of myself, without the lady skills of course. So, such is routine, after every series or new interest I go read up on the wiki. Check some random trivia about the people. You know the simple celebrity syndrome fixation.
Then I read that Scott also plays in an indie band, Siren’s Eye. He even does the vocals. So natural instinct took over and I just had to listen to it. Boy, was I surprised. It’s not necessarily very unique, but darn is it catchy and Scott can sing! Listen to Falling.

Check the live vids as well on their Myspace.

Band of the Day: Campbell

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After listening to an 8bit act called Campbell (which is also very good) I stumbled upon this band on Truly amazing vocals and melodies. Subtle yet powerful. Go have a listen!

Dear Reader, I present a new Harris Tweed

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I always enjoy interesting music. Someone that brings new things to the front and that broadens my horizons. Harris Tweed did this when they released their first album. It was fresh and Cherilyn’s voice was so sweet and sugary. I loved it! Especially Ode to Confusion, which strangely sounded like the Meatloaf epic, I’d do anything for love. Well the keys anyway. Hehe.

Fast forward a successful SA reception and now we have Dear Reader. Harris Tweed had to change their name due to a company in Scotland with a similar name. They are currently touring Europe and UK and their blogs are interesting to read as they document their tour.

I like the new sound of Dear Reader especially the song Never Goes. Go have a listen.

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